Choices and Challenges
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power linesThe Choices and Challenges project was established in 1985. Since its inception, the project has encouraged the identification of the social and ethical dimensions of science and technology — and sought to engage community members as key participants in the public policy process.

Video recordings of previous forums are available on our Youtube channel. Use them in your classroom or at a community event to jumpstart your own discussions.

*** Online Module Now Available ***

*** Online Module Now Available ***

  • Quality of Life in the Electronic Village (March 1995)

  • Quality of Life at the End of Life (March 1994)

*** Online Module Now Available ***

  • The Genie in the Genome: The New Project to Map All the Genes on the Human Chromosomes and to Determine Their Precise Chemical Structure (April 1992)
  • Food Fights: Deciding How to Decide About Diet and Disease (April 1990)

  • The Pesticide Dilemma (Nov 1989)

  • High-Temperature Superconductors: The Prospects for a New Technological Revolution (Oct 1988)

  • Altering the Aging Process (April 1988)

  • New Reproductive-Control Options (Oct 1987)

  • Nuclear Power and Space Science After Chernobyl and Challenger (May 1987)

  • Genetic Engineering (Nov 1986)

  • Intelligence Testing (Sept 1986)

  • Coal: Its Environments, Its Future (April 1986)

  • Limits to Care (Nov 1985)

  • Scientific and Technological Literacy (Sept 1985)

  • Weapons in Space (May 1985)

  • New Reproductive Options: In Vitro Fertilization, Embryo Transfer, and Surrogate Parenthood (February 1985)

Project Founder: Doris T. Zallen
Project Directors: Eileen Crist, Daniel Breslau, Saul Halfon, and Philip Olson
Research Associate: Monique Dufour

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